2009-2-8/Kingdom Under Fire II has been confirmed for a 2009 release. Kuf II was announced last year and now is confirmed for a 2009 release on pc and xbox 360.Expect it to come out this fall.So rally your troops and prepare for battle this year as you march across Bersia.

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BLUESIDE today revealed their first video on Kingdom Under Fire II only consisting in-game play segments from their work-in-progress build. Tags: games 2 gaming computers playstation 3 xbox 360 under microsoft fire kingdom rts blueside

Check your internet connection. If your internet is not connected, the game will not work. Check if the game is down for maintenance. Any down times will be announced in the forum. Make sure that your anti-virus/internet security programmes are not blocking Wizard101. Or simply add Wizard101 to the allowed list.

Nov 08, 2019 · After 12 years of development and $80 million spent, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is finally getting a full release. With developer Blueside and publisher Gameforge finally ready to show off their decade-plus of hard work, we finally got to see the title in action. Needless to say, our thoughts are mixed. Throughout our time with […]

Welcome to Kingdom Under Fire Wiki! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the Discussion tab above. You can find out more general information about the wiki on the About page. If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial. There is some advice on getting this wiki Nov 07, 2019 · Kingdom Under Fire II combines the MMORPG and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genres into a hybrid title unrivaled in its epic scale. Kingdom Under Fire 2 has not had the easiest time making its way to Nov 13, 2013 · The long-awaited action/strategy/RPG game Kingdom Under Fire II from Korean developer Blueside is now being developed as a PlayStation 4 title, according to the developer's postings from G-Star