My answer is based on a desire to do a clean wipe of the hard drive. If you intended to remove only your personal data - saving your ‘home’ folder to an external USB drive will do that nicely. Alternately, you could use a “factory restore” option

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Jul 18, 2009 · 2) Save everything you want off the computer. 3) Turn off computer. 4) Turn on computer and make computer boot from disc. 5) Start Darik's Boot and Nuke. 6) Voila. Caution. IT WILL DELETE EVERYTHING. THERE IS NO BACK OPTION. SAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT!

Jul 14, 2014

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Mar 16, 2007 How to Delete Everything on Mac Computer - Recoverit If your Mac is corrupted by a virus, then you can wish to delete everything on it and ensure that it has been cleaned. There might be some problem with your Mac storage and by resetting it, you can troubleshoot the issue.